How To Treat Stomach Pain Safely And Effectively With Digestic

If you have serious and constant stomach pain and you have not been able to find a solution, here’s some good news. Digestic by Mimonis, a new, effective, 100% natural treatment for stomach pain, is now available. Made from a combination of papaya, wormwood, fennel, cardamom and aloe, this organic, non-GMO herbal supplement helps the body to heal and rejuvenate itself. Digestic helps to prevent constipation, gas and bloating and improves and supports regular bowel function while improving colon health. It also strengthens the contraction of the stomach muscles and helps the digestive system.

Digestic is vegan, kosher and gluten-free, has no side effects and is safe for daily long-term use. Digestic is not a laxative. It’s a dietary supplement that helps the digestive system regain its natural balance. It’s made from natural ingredients that are rich in the vitamins, minerals and fiber the body needs to keep the digestive tract healthy, promote regularity and prevent constipation. Plus, the fiber makes people feel full longer and eat less.

Wormwood has been successfully used as a tonic to treat stomach ailments including indigestion, gastric pain, heartburn and constipation for thousands of years. The high fiber content in fennel helps prevent and relieve constipation, promote regularity and keep the digestive tract healthy. The chemical compounds in Cardamom contain anti-oxidants that prevent disease and aid digestion. Aloe is nutritious and has medicinal and laxative properties that help alleviate constipation. When these natural elements are combined they improve digestion and colon health and function.

Taking Digestic regularly eliminates the pain and discomfort of chronic constipation, soothes the stomach and helps return the digestive system to its natural balance.

Digestic helps rid the body of intestinal parasites, improves metabolism, aids in weight-loss and helps the body repair itself. It also stimulates secretion of digestive enzymes which relax the stomach muscles and relieve abdominal cramps and gastrointestinal spasms. The natural plant chemicals in Digestic have medicinal properties that help treat intestinal gas, irritable bowel syndrome and digestion problems as well as liver and gallbladder issues.

Digestic is made by the team of health and nutritional experts at Mimonis. This family-owned company has been creating safe, natural products for constipation relief for over 30 years. All their products meet and exceed the highest safety and efficacy standards set by modern science to protect the health and welfare of consumers. Try Digestic today. You’ll be glad you did.…